Bringing About the Shift

Ever wondered “How can I just get through this day?”
“Why do I always feel so energetically stuck?”
“What is it that I need to change?”

Everyone has within them the ability to heal and the ability to “shift” their current (non-fulfilling) belief patterns into something positive and self-empowering.

Traci Sparling and Deirdre Leighton have teamed together to help participants find inner peace and self-love July 2015 Bringing About the Shiftthrough the use of self-empowering tools and techniques to bring about harmony and balance. Traci and Deirdre will lead individuals gently pushing them through the “non-fulfilling” belief patterns to find out who they truly are and that they represent beautiful luminous beings of Light and Love.

This fun filled workshop is about using our own personal gifts as tools to promote a positive transformation “Bringing About the Shift” of who we think we are to who we really are.  The day is filled with gentle thought provoking activities and breath work to assist and to bring forth the beauty of positive inner change. Each participant will be given the tools on how to allow and how to support personal spiritual growth to learn:
– that you are worthy of love
– that you have the inner power of self-love
– that you have an amazing voice to share
– that loving yourself allows you to love others
– and as you develop the gifts that you already have you will find self-empowerment

Come Join Us for the day, as we lead you through morning of Quantum Light Breath Meditation and an afternoon of studying your Wheel of Life. The day will close with group discussions, sharing and processing.

Heart Stones“What is waiting to emerge from you” ~ Michael Beckwith

“Calm mind brings inner strength and self-confindence, that’s so very important for good health” ~ Dalai Lama

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