Spiritual Growth – Beginning to Blog

Uxmal Mexico

And so a new adventure begins. I am about to start my Blog for Gaia Natural Therapies – thoughts, beliefs, tools, and brief articles relating to Spiritual Growth, Self-Empowerment and Self-Awareness. I look forward to your comments, concerns and your questions. Please check regularly for updates. Until then wishing you a fabulous day. Nameste Deirdre

Uxmal MexicoSpiritual Growth what is it?

I believe that all humans have a spiritual body, a soul, an essence or life force. This spiritual body held up in a bio-bodysuit, our physical body, also holds an ability to awaken, to be connected to a higher source. Whether that be Universal Love, God, Buddha, Allah, or Lord Krishna we all have a connection to Divine Source.

Our spiritual body longs to be awakened and once so it empowers us to understand why we are here. What our truth is, our truth of Be-ing. I believe we are all connected on a higher plane that we are all luminous beings of light. We are not limited to time or space but we have this physical body which restricts us on this physical plane and at times can bring us great angst. In our sleep or in deep meditation our spirit can leave our physical body to experience the connectedness or sense of oneness with all.

I would say that Spiritual Growth or Spiritual Awakening is more like connecting and understanding or even accepting the realization that being separated from source is but an illusion. It is from this illusion that that we create great suffering. We struggle with what and why, how this can be so; instead of relaxing and allowing, being in the flow, being present in the moment and focusing on what is the task at hand.

As a practitioner of spiritual practices such as Meditation, Spiritual Healing and Reiki; I have found that when clients are given the tools they can awaken themselves. They become self-empowered, consciously aware of their own personal spiritual connection to all that is. They also begin to radiate that soul quality of love and light on all levels of their being to everyone they encounter bringing about balance and harmony of the Body, Mind, and Spirit.